Our values

products that are 100% made in Italy

Here at Best Sicilty we take our values very seriously. We are 100% made in Italy, 100% organic, rooted in Tradition and passionate about Exellence and the Quality of our products. Our Asaro farms grow the highest quality olives in the world and we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products that boast a distinctly authentic flavor.

100% Made in Italy – Best Sicily is your destination for products that are 100% made in Italy. We bring you products that are expertly crafted at the hands of masterful Italians who pride themselves on delivering the best quality products in the world.

100% Organic – After four generations of agricultural production, Tommaso Asaro’s passion for healthy lifestyles led him to pioneer new farming techniques on the Asaro farmland. This resulted in the reinvention of the Asaro Farm into an all organic landscape, maintaining the philosophy that all products are to be non-gmo and completely chemical free. This transformed the Asaro farms into a completely sustainable property, boasting farm to table products and ensuring no harm to the environment during processing. All olives are manually harvested by the same hands that pick them – and most oils are pressed almost immediately after their collection. This is unique to the Asaro family farm, and so the extra virgin olive oils carry with them the flavor of the land as well as the history of Sicily.

Tradition – The Asaro family has been nurturing and pressing the fruits of their fields for over 200 years. The exellence of their products is not only attributed to the labors of the Asaro family, but also to the heritage of the olive trees, which are rooted in rich soils over 2,700 years old.

Quality – The heritage of the Asaro family, the richness of the soil in which the olive trees are planted and the exellence that Tomasso has sought after and maintained are the reasons why Asaro can declare that it grows the best quality olives in the world and produces the best quality oils in the world. When you come to Best Sicilty for your needs, quality is something that you can depend on.

Experience – With each generation, the Asaro family has continued to refine its’ expertise and challenge it’s standards. In 2005, after witnessing four generations of agricultural production within his family, Tommaso Asaro decided to take over all the acres of the Asaro farmland. He implemented modern farming methods to cultivate the best quality oils and essences from the native olive trees. Tommaso’s passion for perfection and excellence make his farming techniques stand out from others in the region, and reinvigorated the standards and the soils throughout the entire Asaro farmland.